My directing style

As an artist, I believe whole-heartedly in creating a collaborative, creative atmosphere. As a director, I believe it’s my job to paint in large brush strokes, but I depend on my cast and my creative team to fill in those brilliant details. I believe in allowing my actors and creative team the freedom to play in the rehearsal room and taking risks.  I  also strive to cultivate a positive process, and the minute tension or negativity happens, I personally like to handle it right then so we can continue without drama. I truly believe I am an "actor's director", and really love playing in Michael Chekhov acting technique, which is all about physicality and building characters and relationships and moments from the outside in. By looking at archetypes and the four elements and viewpoints, we’re able to really define our characters in a safe and satisfying way. I have experience directing musicals, cabarets, straight plays, and devised work, and would love to collaborate with you on my next project.